Welcome to Mrs. Donovan's Class!
Mrs. Donovan 2017-2018
I'm looking forward to working with my new 5th graders this year. We do so many exciting things in this final year of elementary school. There will be some differences for the 2017-2018 school year at O.H.A.  First, literacy will be 105 minutes every day.  Reading and writing will be combined and taught by the same teacher.  The literacy teachers are: Mrs.Donovan, Mr.Felber, Mrs.Johnson, Mrs.Morreim, and Mrs.Och. Science and social studies will be taught by the same teacher. Science/social studies teachers are Mr.Petronek and Mrs.Stang.  For math, it will be the same as previous years.  Math teachers will be Mrs.Anderson, Mr.Hauble, and Mrs.Morreim. Please contact me with any questions at:
or by phone at: 651-407-2318.