Welcome to O.H. Anderson!

As principal, I am glad that you are visiting our website and I trust that you will find the information helpful in learning about our school.

We currently serve approximately 700 students grades 3-5, with nine sections at each grade level. Students also participate in Spanish, music, physical education, media/technology, and art each week.

At O.H. Anderson, we believe in creating a safe and challenging learning community through the philosophy of Responsive Classroom, with the goal of bringing together social and academic learning throughout the day to foster and support engaged, caring, and responsible learners.

Our school-wide expectations are the 3 R’s:
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Right to Learn

We are committed to providing an engaging and challenging education for all students. Within our grade-level math and literacy blocks, teachers provide focused differentiated instruction based on the students’ current instructional needs. We are proud of the hard work and success of our students each and every day.

We value communication between home and school as it is a critical component to student success. In addition to teacher newsletters and/or websites, we have launched our updated parent newsletter, The Little Zeph Gazette, and we continue to enhance our website. I would also encourage parents to sign up for the daily electronic e-news if you haven’t done so already.

O.H. Anderson is fortunate to have supportive parents and community members who are partnering with us to provide the best educational experience for our students. I look forward to celebrating O.H. Anderson’s successes with parents, students, and staff this school year.

Working together,

Susan Prather