Behavior Expectations

Behavior Expectations Rubric
Digital Citizenship Expectations Rubric

Online and Media Expectations

  • Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible
  • Use School resources for school purposes
  • Do not change device settings
  • No pictures or video of any students on any device or program is allowed, unless assigned
  • All online sharing is set to private or shared only with 832 members or family
Focus on learning - not distracting 
  • All school accounts and devices are to be used only for school.  (No messaging or chatting.)
  • Stay on Topic.
  • Use proper writing.  (No junk typing or texting lingo.)
  • All images focus on learning and are appropriate for school.  
  • All searches use student-friendly search engines and use appropriate terms.
    (Safe Search, Duck Duck Go or similar search engines)
  • Do NOT share answers for any assessments


Our Digital Citizenship Pledge: 

1.  I will communicate responsibly and kindly with others.

2.  I will respect other's ideas and opinions.

3.  I will give proper credit when I use other's work.

4.  I will protect my own and other's private information.
5.  I will stand up to cyberbullying.


Book checkout:
Students may have 2 books checked out at a time for two weeks. They may check out books during their weekly Media class as well as during other class time with their teacher's permission. Books not returned on time are considered overdue.

Overdue items:
Students with overdue books will receive a notice and must return their books before any more may be checked out. This policy also applies to books that were not returned when at Wildwood.

Lost/damaged books:

We make every effort to find lost books before payment is requested. Be sure to look anywhere and everywhere... on your bookshelf, in your classroom, under the seats of your car. Books sometimes land in mysterious places.

If you have lost or damaged a book, you will be charged the replacement cost of the book. This allows us to purchase the book again for our collection. A refund will be issued if a lost book is found and returned in good condition.

We would always rather have the book than the money. Payment for lost books should not be sent until a bill is presented. 

Typing Homework:
Students are encouraged to practice typing at home.  This will prepare them for the typing expectations at the middle school and high school as well as make it easier (and more fun) to work on technology projects at OHA.


Contact: Mrs. Erlenborn