Process for Consideration of Assistive Techology

SETT (Student- Environment-Tasks-Tools) Framework for Consideration of Assistive Technology

Consideration of assistive technology may be accomplished using the SETT process designed by Joy Zabala.

SETT stands for:
• Student: Students strengths, weaknesses, interests
• Environment: How the student functions in different environments at school, and the concerns/needs in those environments
• Task: What the student needs to be able to do
• Tools: How best to meet the student’s needs. Ways to achieve goals and overcome barriers.

Consideration can lead to one of the following outcomes:

• In some cases, consideration will lead to a consensus that assistive technology has been considered and is not needed at this time.
. In other cases, consideration will lead to a consensus that the current assistive technology student is using is meeting their needs. 
• In other cases, consideration will lead to a relatively quick consensus about what assistive technology is needed for a given student.
• In other cases, it will lead to a decision to write trials with potential devices into the IEP (Individual Education Plan).
• In still other cases, it will lead to the decision that a more in-depth assessment is needed.

Our district uses a consideration process to include assistive technology in the individual education plan.  A variety of areas are included that may affect a student in the school environment including math, reading, writing, activities of daily living, and recreation.