Second Grade Scoop



May  News


Demonstration Speeches

Our last project of the year is a demonstration speech. This is traditionally one of the highlights of second grade. This project is prepared for and practiced at HOME. A packet was sent home with your child TODAY explaining this project and telling the date your child will present. The packet also outlines each part of the project in more depth. Please take some time to review the packet and have your child write out his or her speech on the back page. They should rehearse it several times before they present it to the class.


Please send or drop off any supplies your child will need for his/her speech before school on the presentation day. We do not want any interruptions while students present, as this can cause extra stress and frustration.


Please return the topic sheet by Monday, May 12. See back of newsletter for the date your child gives his/her speech.


Important Dates


Fun Fair – May 9 from 5:00-8:00 pm

Volunteer Breakfast – May 15 from 7:45-8:45am in the WW gym

Sports Day – May 15 from 1-3 pm


Visit OHA – May 28

Second Grade Picnic – June 3


Volunteer Breakfast

You are invited to attend the Volunteer Breakfast to celebrate all the work you have done to make this year a great success. Breakfast will be served from 7:45 to 8:45 in the WW gym on Thursday, May 15.


Sport Day

Our class will be enjoying SPORT DAY on Thursday, May 15 from 1:00-3:00. Please be sure your child is dressed for the weather, wears clothes that are easy to move in and wears tennis shoes. If you would like to help with Sport Day, please contact Mrs. Sommer at 407-2446. 


OHA Visit

We will walk to OHA on May 28 to meet the third grade teachers and tour the school. If you would like walk over with us, meet us at the front entrance at a few minutes before 10:00. Please be sure your child has walking shoes and a snack on Wednesday, May 28.




The second grade picnic is Tuesday June 3.  Incase of rain the picnic will be held Wednesday. Students will celebrate a wonderful second grade experience at the District Center. Our class is as asked to wear our GOLD Wildwood T-Shirts from the concert to the picnic and tennis shoes. This will help us keep track of each other and allow us to run and play. Please put sunscreen on your child in the morning before they come to school. Students can also bring a disposable water bottle labeled with their name. Please be sure students are in comfortable shorts for moving and running.


Thanks to all those parents who have volunteered to help with the picnic. The second grade team and planning committee request that you do not bring siblings to the picnic. Your help is needed to help facilitate and supervise the second grade students. Thanks again for your help and hope for a beautiful day.


Report Cards

Report cards will be mailed home this year.


MAP Testing

We will conduct our last round of MAP testing in our literacy and math groups in early May. Please do your best to make sure your child is here, well rested and has a nutritious breakfast/lunch that day. We have posted the MAP schedule on the second grade general information website for your convenience.



Please send a note to school if your child is staying for an after school class, going to Girl Scouts or is being picked up in the Kissing Lane. Some students are unsure where they are supposed to be going. A note helps your child remember they are doing something different and alerts me to the fact that you child has a different schedule.


Flip Flops

Many students are wearing flip-flops and backless sandals to school.  We discourage wearing these shoes due to toes getting stepped on, twisted ankles and the difficulty they pose to safe play on the playground.  If your child must wear flip-flops, please make sure he/she has another pair of shoes to change in to for gym and outside play.



Many students are forgetting snacks each day. Please help your child remember to pack a snack each evening.