Third grade students are grouped for math. These groups are flexible and can change throughout the year based on MAP scores, teacher observation of student work, and student work habits. It is our goal to provide appropriate placement for students based on these factors.

Our school uses the Math Expressions curriculum.
Third grade Math Expressions covers many units. They are as follows:

1) Place value and multi-digit addition and subtraction

2) Lines and line segments, quadrilaterals

3) Addition and subtraction word problems

4) Figures, angles, and triangles

5) Using addition and subtraction to compare, estimate, use money, and gather data

6) Patterns

7) Multiplication and Division

8) Area and Perimeter

9) Time

10) Fractions, decimals, and probability

11) Measurement

12) Directions and locations

For more information about math instruction, contact your child's current math teacher.