Cindy Morreim
2020-2021 Year

Welcome to Fifth Grade
with Mrs. Morreim
in Room 8!!

MHS Class of 2028!

This is our "HYBRID" class schedule for 2020-2021:
7:45-8:00.... Announcements
8:00-8:30...... Homeroom Time
8:30-9:00.....WIN Time
9:00-10:30..... Block 1 (Math)
10:30-11:00...  Social Studies / Science / Break
11:00-12:30.....Block 2 (Literacy)
12:30-1:00.... Lunch and Outside Time
1:00-1:15.... Dismissal
1:45-2:30..... Specialist Class done virtually

Specialist Daily Schedule:
Monday = Media (with Mrs. Erlenborn)
Tuesday = Gym (with Mr. Wanner)
Wednesday = Art (with Mr. Halston)
Thursday = Music (with Mr. Pontious)
Friday = Spanish (with Ms. Bartels)

The fifth grade will be run differently this year.  Some students will be at home "distance learning" full time, while other students will be coming to school four days a week for the "hybrid" model.  These students will stay in their classroom this year.  (They will not switch for each class due to COVID).  Mrs. Donovan and I will be  "partner teaching" this year.  I will be teaching math and science/social studies to each class, and Mrs. Donovan will be teaching reading and writing to each class.  The teachers will rotate rooms this year.  The goal is for the students to have less exposure to other students. 

Your child should be filling in his/her planner each day.  All work will be done using "Google Classroom" this year.  Students will log on to Google Classroom each day.  All materials will be found on Google Classroom, AND students can also watch lessons on Google Classroom. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me or leave a message on my voice mail. If you would like to talk to me personally, the best time to call me this year is between 2:45 and 3:15 pm.

Thank you!  It is going to be a great year!

Cindy Morreim
(651) 407-2353