Math 5 Video Library
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 Unit 1

Distributive Property

What is Algebra?

Associative and Commutative Properties

Solving simple equations with a variable

Identity Property and Zero Property

Order of Operations

Determining Solutions for Algebraic Equations

Combining Like Terms

Distributive Property

Commutative, Associative, & Identity Properties

Translating Words into Math

Determining Solutions for Algebraic Equations

Translating Words into Math

Translating Words into Math


Order of Operations

 Unit 2

Converting between decimals, mixed numbers, and improper fractions

Equivalent Fractions and Decimals

Rounding to the nearest hundredth and whole number

Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Rounding to the nearest tenth and hundredth

Increase/Decrease a Decimal by 0.1, 0.01, or 0.001

Add/Subtract Fractions with Common Denominators given

Converting Fractions to Decimals to compare them

Representing Fractions and Decimals on a Number Line

Ordering/comparing Fractions and Decimals by changing everything to a decimal

Ordering decimals by place values

Equivalent Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Expanded form and Word Form for decimals

Add/Subtract Decimals

Place values tenths to thousandths

Equivalent fractions and decimals

Rounding Whole Numbers

Round Decimal Numbers

 Unit 3

Estimating with adding/subtraction fractions and decimals

Subtracting a mixed number from a whole number

Simplifying Fractions / Reduce to lowest terms

Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Regrouping

Factors of a number

Changing both denominators to add and subtract

Finding Common Denominators

Add/Subtract Mixed Numbers

Finding common denominators

 Unit 4

Lesson 2.... 2 x 2 Multiplication

Lesson 1... Multiplying multi-digit number by a single digit (Traditional Method)

Factor Puzzles

Traditional Multiplication

Multiplication 3X2 Box Method

Division Partial Quotients Example 1

Multiplication 2X2 Box Method

Division Partial Quotients Example 2

Traditional Division

Scrambled Multiplication Tables

Traditional Division

 Unit 5

Parts of a Bar Graph


 Unit 6

Area of a Triangle

Surface Area

 Extension Lessons

Adding with Absolute Values

Adding Integers

Box & Whisker Plots

Combining Like Terms

Graphing Inequalities

Inequalities with Multiplying and Dividing

Multiplying Decimals

Property of Equality for 1-step Equations

Property of Equality when Multiplying and Dividing

Property of Equality when Multiplying and Dividing

Solving Equations with Integers

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Property of Equality for 1-step Equations

Subtracting Integers

Test Review video - Day 1

Add/Subtract ftractions with common denominators given

Add and Subtract Decimals

Order of Operations - PEMDAS

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