eBooks online

Resources outside school:

The Washington County Wildwood Library has online ebooks and audio books.

BookFlix (through Washington County) - login using your personal library card.

GetEpic.com has a digital collection for Kids 12 and under.  Teachers can use for free so if kids have a homeroom where their teacher has already signed them in, then they can access epic at school for free from any device.  Use at home is for a fee.

Resources at O H Anderson:

one shared login Email me for the generic login if your student is not aware of it.

  one shared login
We have only multi-user books from this company so there's no need to check anything out.
To view these outside of our school, email me for the generic login if your students is not aware of it.
        individual logins  
We have books that can be checked out from this company, so students can sign in 
with their lastname-firstname and their student id number which is printed on their login stickers.


Contact: Mrs. Erlenborn