• Read out loud for 3 to 5 minutes each day and practice sound
  • Practice 2-3 minute conversations with the person of his/her choice
  • Pick a time during the day (breakfast, lunch, bedtime) to think about using your speech sound correctly for 2-3 minutes
  • Hang a list of words on your bathroom mirror that are difficult to say and practice them each morning or night when he/she is in the bathroom
  • Play games that require your child to use his/her speech (Guess Who, Guess Where, Scattegories, Headbanz, Apples to Apples, Jr., Blurt, Catch Phrase)
  • After watching a movie or TV show have your child retell the story-line using good speech sounds
  • When driving to activities after school and/or on the weekends have your child look for signs or license plates that have his/her sounds
  • When looking at a menu at a restaurant have child look for foods that have his/her sound in them and practice the sound when ordering