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Anderson, Christy Teacher Grade 5 651-407-2355
Baker, Danielle Teacher Grade 4 651-407-2323
Bartels, Shannon Teacher Spanish 651-407-2338
Bauer, Nicolle Teacher ELL 651.407.2300
Berriman, McGuinness Lunchroom Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Brick, Sarah Social Emotional Learning Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Cappelen, Tom Teacher Special Education 651-407-2426
Carlson, Christine Teacher Elem Math 651-407-2322
Channon, Lisa Educ Speech/Lang Path EL 651-407-2309
Clark, Brenda Lunchroom/Recess Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Clement, Michelle Due Process Assistant 651-407-2358
Connelly, Barbara Occupational Therapist 651-407-2429
Cordek, Sue MLP Peer Coach 651-407-2340
Danforth, Sarah EL Para 651-407-2300
Darst, Sandy Cafeteria Manager 651-407-2356
Degrote, Jonathon Lunchroom Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Dibos, Linda Teacher Grade 5 651-407-2327
Donovan, Julie Teacher Grade 5 651-407-2318
Duback, Darrell Custodian 651-407-2300
Dworak, Dawn Teacher Grade 3 651-407-2344
Erban, Caley Speech Pathologist 651-407-2155
Erlenborn, Elizabeth Technology TOSA 651-407-2111
Felber, George Teacher Grade 5 651-407-2334
Feustel, Krista Teacher Grade 3 651-407-2313
Finden, Amy Teacher Special Education 651-407-2343
Fiola, Tracie Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Fleming, Dee Head Custodian 651-407-2315
French, Ashley Lunchroom/Recess Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
French, Lauren Lunchroom Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Fritz, Lucy Teacher Grade 4 651-407-2300
Gibson, Alexa Teacher Grade 5 651-407-2316
Gralish, Cassandra Teacher Elem Reading 651-407-2329
Gruber, Edie Teacher Grade 3 651.407.2320
Halsten, Chad Teacher Elem Art 651-407-2347
Hanson, Maren Teacher Grade 3 651-407-2320
Harring, Caitlyn North Homes Children and Family Services 651-407-2308
Hauble, Steve Teacher Grade 5 651-407-2312
Held, Deidre Teacher Grade 3 651-407-2307
Hennen, Beth Secretary to Principal 651-407-2333
Hirsch, Laurie Custodian 651.407.2300
Hoffman, Casey Teacher Grade 3 651-407-2300
Hokanson, Carol Social Emotional Learning Specialist 651-407-2346
Hughes, Shana Media Paraprofessional 651-407-2311
Hussein, Saada Lunchroom/Recess Paraprofessional 651.407.2300
Johnson, Elizabeth Teacher Grade 5 651-407-2354
Judge, Susan Teacher Grade 4 651.407.2336
Kaehler, Lorie Teacher Elem Reading 651-407-2427
Kelly, Maria Lunchroom/Recess Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Kerner, Michael Teacher Grade 4 651-407-2310
Koren, Megan Desktop Support Specialist 651-762-5877
Larson, Tanya Media Paraprofessional 651407-2311
Leibel, Christine Occupational Therapist 651-407-2429
Lewis, Harmony Teacher Grade 4 651-407-2337
Loida, Deborah Lunchroom/Recess Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Loosbrock, Gina Teacher Grade 3 651-407-2314
Lundgren, Sandi Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
MacLean, Heidi Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
McCabe, Elisabeth Teacher Grade 5 651-407-2359
McCabe, Pamela Counselor OH 651-407-2430
McMahon, Megan District Nurse 651-407-2169
Melcher, Renee Media Specialist - Elementary 651-407-2330
Merges, Nicholas Teacher Grade 4 651-407-2324
Mitchell, Michelle Teacher DAPE 651-762-5930
Morreim, Cindy Teacher Grade 5 651-407-2353
Nerison, Laura Receptionist 651-407-2302
Nestrud, Katie Teacher Grade 3 651-407-2341
O'Hara, Jamie OHA M.A.C site leader 651-407-2350
Och, Jennifer Teacher Grade 5 651-407-2321
Palvere, Liz Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Panek, Samantha Teacher Grade 4 651-407-2357
Pontious, Robert Music in Gen Educ. Elem 651-407-2348
Prather, Susan Principal - Elementary 651-407-2301
Rolling, Julie Licensed Professional Counselor 651-407-2277
Sadowski, Sarah Teacher Grade 3 651-407-2305
Samson, Sydney Teacher Grade 4 651-407-2349
Schwartz, David Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Senkler, Marcia School Nurse 651-407-2335
Simonette, Kaylan Teacher Grade 5 651-407-2327
Snede, Laura School Psychologist OHA 651-407-2332
Sorum, Bree Teacher Special Education 651-407-2328
Stager, Mary North Homes Children and Family Services 651-407-2424
Stellmach, Maija Teacher Special Education 651-407-2342
Trautman, Terry Teacher Special Education 651-762-5845
Turner, Amy Teacher Special Education 651-407-2351
Voit, Ali Teacher Grade 3 651-407-2323
Wanner, Mitch Teacher Phy Ed El 651-407-2339
Ward, Laura Gifted & Talented Coordinator 651-407-2319
Warner, Andria Teacher Grade 3 651-407-2313
Warner, Laure Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Washington, Dezzie Spec Education Paraprofessional 651-407-2300
Zemke, Jodi Teacher Grade 3 651-407-2306

Our Mission

The mission of O.H. Anderson Elementary, the joyful Zephyr family of curious, hard-working learners committed to empowering everyone to be better together, is to ensure all students discover their authentic selves and build bold learner agency to collaboratively and mindfully contribute in our world through a vital system distinguished by:

  • An inclusive and fun environment that honors the worth of the individual and connections with others
  • A culture that celebrates learning, passion, and personal excellence 
  • Teaching and learning that values the process of discovery and bold experimentation 
  • A culture that empowers authentic student voice, choice, and action for the greater good
O.H. Anderson Elementary School ISD #832
666 South Warner Avenue, Mahtomedi, MN 55115
Phone: 651-407-2300
Attendance Line: 651-407-2308
Our School
We believe in creating a safe and challenging learning community with the goal of bringing together social and academic learning throughout the day to foster and support engaged, caring, and responsible learners. Our dedicated teachers work with students to develop a growth mindset by providing learning opportunities that spark effort, curiosity, and engagement to fuel growth and achievement. Our school-wide Zephyr Time Celebrations, Morning Announcements, all-school River of Rocks art project, Fun Run, and Nature Trail Day are ways in which we build a strong sense of community. Whether it is programming robots, book clubs, math talks, cross-country skiing, or composing music, we are committed to providing an engaging and challenging education for all students.